I self identify as a man in my mid-thirties and have grown up with the introduction / invasion of Sky Football since 1992 to the magnificence of the modern day multi-trillion dollar industry from watching, merchandising, coaching, gambling and even the financial perils of fantasy football.

Like you all I believe I can pick a better England Squad than the incumbent coach, much like I believed I could solve the Gerrard / Lampard problem, much like I believe I know what the handball rule should be, much like blah blah blah EVERYTHING THAT IS DEBATED DOWN THE PUB AFTER 90 MINS.

My credentials are this : I enjoy writing and I love football. If you need more than that… I was at Crewe Alexandra as a child but didn’t get sexually abused. I am currently playing 11-a-side football and hope to return to 6-a-side again too after Covid. I have watched Premier League football intimately since 1992, ensuring I’ve always had access to watch the best. One of my favourite games is Soccer Saturday Drinking Game. We shall host a huge virtual party of it one day. I met Chris Kamara. Those are my credentials.

The truth is I do not have the answers but I will write around informed opinions encouraging you to have your own thoughts on the interesting aspects of football rather than blindly following the one article you read on The Guardian / Independent / BBC etc. You can do it. Join me. I promise to make this as entertaining as I can for you.

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